Silicon Maps Releases the USA Silicon Series of High-Tech and Life Sciences industry Posters for 2012

SAN RAMON, Calif., Feb 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Silicon Maps, Inc., a worldwide branding communications agency and creators of the High-Tech and Biotech promotional industry Maps announced the debut of their 2012 USA Silicon Series Posters, promoting nine technology hot-bed regions.  For the 24th consecutive year Silicon Maps is showcasing colorful industry poster/maps of the world’s leading High Tech and Life Science regions.


Distributed in over 80 countries, the iconic Maps illustrate define and effectively promote hot-bed regions of technology; including High-Tech, Biotech and Pharma sectors throughout the US and abroad.  Featured on each compelling Map design are the leading technology employers providing industry-leading products and innovation. The Maps highlight over 1,400 hi-tech and life sciences innovators, including many fortune 1000 companies.

Silicon Maps, publishes colorful Maps with creative and artistic detailed aerial views for six High Technology regions and two Life Sciences regions within the United States and three international hot bed regions.  The high-tech Maps, with the respective regions, are Silicon Valley, Northern California; Silicon Forest, Oregon and Washington; Tech Coast, Southern California; Silicon Desert, Arizona; Silicon Hills, Austin, TX and DFW Technoplex, North Texas.  Their Life Sciences maps include Bioscience East for North East U.S.A. and Bioscience West for Northern and Southern California.  Their international Maps detail burgeoning high-tech and life science sectors of Malaga, Spain; Great Britain and Vancouver, Canada. “The hot-bed regions we serve include the most innovative, admired and trusted brands in High-Tech and Biotech.  We promote and brand each region independently; highlighting the high tech and life science companies driving technology into the future for those regions.  We believe that we offer a perfect combination of Print, Airport and Internet advertising, which we adroitly blend for our customers’ needs and prudent investment,” said Mike Desrosiers, CEO Silicon Maps.

“Maps are a universal medium for communication, easily understood and appreciated by most people, regardless of language or culture” —Merriam Webster.

The promotional Maps are printed and distributed worldwide as Posters, Post Cards, Mouse Pads, Greeting Cards, Online (with interactive logos) and displayed at International Airports nationwide.

Silicon Maps features similar promotional campaigns for Reno, NV, Lake Tahoe, Ft. Worth, TX., Portland and San Jose.

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