DFW TECHNOPLEX Map Plots the Hotbed of Technology and Innovation in North Texas

SAN FRANCISCO, April 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Silicon Maps, Inc. the leading Promotional Map Design firm for High Tech industry hotbeds worldwide has launched the new DFW TECHNOPLEX Map campaign for 2015; the artistic map design depicts a robust hotbed for creativity and business while featuring over 100 technology and industry related companies in North Texas.

DFW TECHNOPLEX Map & Calendar, the iconic industry symbol of technology in North Texas is proud to announce sign-ups for the 2015 publication, promoted through Print Distribution, National Press Releases, Digital Displays, Interactive Online Website, and at Industry Trade Show and Events (Come see us at the InnoTech Dallas Tech Conference May 1stand get a free DFW TECHNOPLEX Map.)

The compelling map provides a visual image of the growth and change in technology for the region. “North Texas continues to be a leading hotbed in global technology, creativity and innovation and is clearly depicted so on the annual publication,” said Mike Desrosiers, president Silicon Maps, Inc.

The artful Maps are visual tools that support the High Tech industry, while promoting regional brands, industry leaders, world class technology innovators, choice employers; including the future of the industry with start ups and Incubators. DFW TECHNOPLEX focuses on North Texas and the surrounding areas and works with local organizations such the Metroplex Business Association.

Over the years the industry posters have gained in popularity and today the ubiquitous posters are marketing staples for much of the industry.

Featured brands include many of the top 100 technology companies (e.g., Texas Instruments, Ericsson, Intuit, NetApp, Microsoft, Motorola, Honeywell, AT&T, et al), top performing technology companies, mid-size companies, start-ups and incubators. “The popular posters effectively promote our high tech industry, as participating sponsors disseminate posters to hundreds of companies and thousands of industry executives worldwide,” noted one industry marketing vice president.

The annual industry Map campaign includes print, digital displays, airport signage and an interactive website with hundreds of useful links. Posters are distributed and to thousands of industry executives locally, nationally and globally as well as distribution at trade show events such as InnoTech Conferences  and SEMICON West .

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