Dear Silicon Maps, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know what a huge success our participation with Silicon Maps has been. This is our second year using the maps as a “Happy New Year and thank you for your continued business” gift for our customers. the maps are an economical way for us to show our appreciation to our customers. Plus, the packaging of and by sending the maps in the New Year it separates us from all of the other holiday mailings.

We have received numerous compliments and requests for additional maps. A quick story for you, our corporate president (CyberOptics Corporation is located in Minneapolis, MN and has a separate marketing department) visited a common customer who had received our mailing. The customer proudly pointed out the Tech Forest map hanging on his wall. Needless to say our corporate president was thrilled (especially to see CyberOptics name right next to such giants as Microsoft and Intel) and he requested additional maps to be prominently displayed throughout our corporate office.

We look forward to participating with Silicon Maps for years to come.

CyberOptics Semiconductor Group
Marketing Communications