As you are aware, the high tech industry is critically short of qualified engineers and other key personnel needed for our businesses in Southwest Washington to remain competitive and grow. Workforce projections indicate that we will face labor shortages for some time to come omeprazole capsules.

We have found that the Camas/Vancouver area is relatively unknown to many job candidates, as is the growing presence of high tech companies in the area.

One of the promotional items Sharp and several other companies will be handing out at job fairs to prospective candidates to highlight the growing presence of high tech in the Southwest Washington and Portland area are “Tech Forest” calendars. These artsy calendars/maps graphically show the plethora of high tech companies in the area. Sharp has been featured on these calendars in past years and will be continue to be featured on future years calendars along with Wafer Tech and UL.

I’d like to solicit your participation in the map/calendar. The stronger presence we as a high tech community have not only on these calendars, but also in every endeavor we collectively work on, the better we’ll all be at attracting high quality job candidates to the area. Aside from the promotional aspects of the calendar for hiring purposes, it reflects the general high-tech image of the area.

The Tech Forest calendars are produced by Silicon Maps, Inc. The point of contact there is Mike Desrosiers. His email address is: or phone: (925) 314-1130, ext. 11. You can view the calendars at

Best Regards,
Sharp Microelectronics